Our company has been working since 1965 in the specialist field of design, manufacturing and distribution of plastic materials, covering the entire national territory.

We are able to assist you in the realization of the articles you have proposed, by drawing your designs.

This involves a continuous relationship with designers and architects to obtain the best result for our customers.

The “Lanzoni & Mandina s.r.l” uses machines of new technology in addition of Laser, jewel of the company.

The “Prince” material we use is the plexiglass, usually more trasparent than glass, to such an extend that it owns characteristics similar to the optical fiber as transparency. For this feature it’s being used in craftsmanship, in the home furnishing of professional studios, shops, galleries, museums …

It can be used as a food packaging, as it has the appropriate certifications. We are able to supply the catalog products, as they are available at our warehouses.

My collaboration with my son Francesco, with my two grandchildren: Michele and Giancarlo, makes our company always up to date … “

Giancarlo Lanzoni Senior